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Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with families in demonstrating the core values of Liberation Church LOVE PEOPLE, SHOW KINDNESS, and SERVE CHANGE. We do this through creative ways of bible teaching, worship, discipleship, and evangelism. 

Our Why

It is vital that our youth are provided the necessary tools to develop their personal relationships with God. We understand that children spend nearly 90% of their time outside of the walls of the church. It is key that we not only lock arms with the children we serve but with parents, caregivers, and our community to ensure we provide proper tools and resources to aid in discipling your children. The saying is true, it takes a village. We have made it our mission to be the link that keeps your village mended. Together, we will disciple well- rounded individuals that are crucial for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Our Function

Liberation Youth is comprised of two main ministries: Kid’s Ministry and Student Ministry
Kid’s Ministry serves Infants through 5th grade. We meet Sundays in KidZone beginning at 9:30am. Please be on the lookout for weekly emails, family devotions, and lesson summaries to help your kid stay engaged and focused on the things of God throughout the week.
Pre-School Scope (Infant-PreK 4)
We want our preschoolers to understand:
God Made them. God Loves them. Jesus Wants To Be Their Friend Forever.
First Look combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive preschool experience for every phase of your kid’s life to influence their faith from birth to graduation.
Elementary Scope (K-5th Grade)
We want your kids to grow up:
Making wiser choices. Building stronger relationships. Developing a deeper faith.
252 Kids combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive children’s ministry experience for every phase of a kid’s life to influence their faith from birth to graduation.
Student Ministry serves Middle and High School Students. We meet quarterly for Wednesday Student Group. Student Group provides an excellent opportunity for your students to connect with peers, build community, and reflect on the things of God in a safe space.
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In addition to attending Student Group, students are encouraged to volunteer on our various ministry serve teams to include:
Production Team, Welcome Team, Marketing Team, and KidZone Team.
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Just For Parents

As mentioned before, it is our goal to partner with families in discipling children. In doing so, we want you to have all the resources you need. Please set aside some time to join Parent Cue Store it pairs with our curriculum for all ages. Parent Cue has a host of resources crucial in discipling your children, to include fun apparel! The best part, we have not forgotten you, grab the resources you need as a parent doing everything humanly possible, as a human, raising a human!
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