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Whats Happening with Liberation and Celebration Church?

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions

Return To Corporate Worship Plan

The mission of Liberation Church is to glorify God by Loving People, Showing

Kindness and Serving Change. Central to this vision is a deep love for our corporate gatherings that prioritizes gospel-centered preaching on Sunday
morning. Our ability to meet again is determined, in part, by our governing Pastors concern for making sure we are fully quipped . The following guidelines
will guide our services.

*Please note that these plans are subject to further development, and additional guidelines provided by our governing authorities.

Registration is required for all phases. Phases 1 & 2 leaders, pastors ministers and serve teams will be invited to attend service. Phase 3 will be open to everyone to
register. There will be a limit to how many people can attend, so please register early. We will continue to provide our online service platforms for those who
may not be able to attend in person, or who are uncomfortable attending in person. No one should feel obligated to return to in-person worship before they
are ready to do so. The Governor of Virginia has given places of worship guidelines and recommendations for reopening. Below are descriptions of what to expect based
upon those guidelines.

Services and Registration

Service Times and Locations: Sunday, 10:30am. Service will be held in the Sanctuary. Service times will be added as needed in the future
Participation Limits: In Phase 1 there is a limit of 30 attendees. (This does not include those who are serving). We will not be exceeding the stipulated capacity
in each phase.

Registration Cancellation: If you find that you will not be attending service please email To prepare for the worship
experience Sunday, once you have registered you will receive a separate email the Saturday before service that will include your seating information.

Preparations and Other Elements

Sanitizing: The building is professionally cleaned and sanitized on a weekly basis after service
We also have hand sanitizing stations throughout the building for your convenience.

Arrival: Please arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am

Check in: All attendees will enter the building through the front door of the church to be checked in. Check in will include registration confirmation and a
temperature check by a Health Care Team member. *Your temperature must be below 100.4 to enter.

Dismissal: Once a service is over, A leader will dismiss by sections(Blue, Yellow, Red) starting from the back row, exiting the church sanctuary through the left exit
door which will be opened before the end of service.

Masks: Admittance requires a mask. We have disposable masks available at check in if you do not have a mask. We encourage masks to be worn during the entire

Seating: To prepare for the worship experience Sunday, you will receive a separate email and text the Saturday before service that will include your seat
color section, row number and which end of the row you will be seated on.

Kids and Students: Kids Zone and other student programs will not be avliable in order to honor social distancing guidelines during worship gatherings.

Offering: Online giving is strongly encouraged. There will be an opportunity to place your offering in a basket after service.

Bathrooms: The bathroom will be limited to 1 family at a time. An attendant will be sanitizing the bathroom after each attendee.

Communion: We will not be having communion in service at this time. Pastor Jay has provided a great reference for communion here if you would like to take
communion at home with your family.

Additional Guidance

Gathering: Please be sure not to gather in the lobby, hallways, and sanctuary to make sure we maintain social distancing requirements.
When to stay at home: Once registration is open, if you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, known exposure to COVID-19 in the 14 days prior or are of the
vulnerable population, please stay home. If you test positive for COVID-19:

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days after attending worship service, please notify the church office. 1-804-222-8030